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Aren’t forklifts funny? Well, after checking out the 15 best forklift jokes, you might chuckle to yourself every time you see one. A large piece of machinery named after an eating utensil does leave a lot of room for puns! Check out these top forklift driver jokes and forklift fun jokes to have a good laugh. 

Check out these funniest forklift puns and jokes to have a good laugh.

1. What do you call a forklift that hauls pigs?

A porklift!

Get it? Because pork comes from pigs, and pork rhymes with a fork! To be fair, the image of a forklift hauling off some pigs isn’t a pleasant image, but the pun was right there! This is one of the forklift fun jokes that are harmless and clever. But please don’t haul any pigs with a forklift; that would be dangerous. 


2. People say you can’t raise a child in a warehouse.

But so far, my forklift works fine!

Please do not attempt to lift any child or human being with a forklift, but you’ve got to love the play on words. This statement is one of the top forklift driver jokes, as we assume some parents have imagined raising their cranky teenager onto a forklift to lift their mood. We also do not recommend rearing a child in a warehouse; these are dangerous places. 


3. Son: Dad, how do I pick up girls?

Dad: You can borrow my forklift.

Hopefully, this son will decline his dad’s kind offer. Can you imagine a teenager scooping up his poor female classmates with this massive machine? How terrifying would that be! This joke is one of the best forklift jokes because of its wholesome nature; a son seeking life advice from a father who has his mind on heavy machinery. 


4. I once saw a forklift lift a crate of forks. 

It was way too literal for me.

A forklift forklifting, how poetic. We love the simplicity of this punny statement and imagine someone taking a double-take of the forklift literally lifting forks! Forklift fun jokes like this can get a chuckle and get your irony wheels turning! It wouldn’t be nearly as funny seeing a forklift pick up a box of spoons or a container of knives, but forks? How beautifully ironic. 


5. I passed my forklift test today. I did very well.

My boss says I should be able to try the spoon tomorrow.

Because forks are an eating utensil, and so are spoons, we’ve reduced this heavy machinery to a punny play on dinner tools. Can you imagine a spoon lift? Maybe this is one of the top forklift driver jokes because it catches you off guard. Starting with a success story and ending with a comical idea. Either way, we’re proud of the jokester for nailing their forklift test!


6. My dad met a group of forklift operators today.

He said they were very uplifting.

Top forklift driver jokes usually have something to do with raising things up, but how about raising your spirits? This pun is one of our favourite forklift fun jokes as it is wholesome, giving forklift drivers the good name they deserve!


7. So I asked my dad one day: “What’s a forklift?”

And he said, “food usually.”

The best forklift jokes list must include something about forks picking up food. Because what else would a forklift other than your mashed potatoes or mushy peas? This pun is also a quintessential dad joke, and it’s hard not to chuckle at a dad joke, no matter how hard you try. 


8. Husband: This job looks good, but it requires two years of forklift experience…

Wife: That’s perfect, you lift forks every night at dinner!

Well, she has a positive attitude. Years of forking steak into your mouth do not qualify you to operate heavy and dangerous machinery. There’s a lot more to using a forklift than there is to using a piece of metal with prongs on the end. But, hey! It never hurts to submit an application.

9. I heard a hilarious joke about how a forklift implies the existence of a spoonlift.

Then I realised that’s just a catapult.

It’s a shame when you’re trying to plan a joke, and it just won’t come together. But this joke failure is funny in itself. Luckily, forklifts don’t fling flaming balls hundreds of yards at enemies; forklifts pick up heavy things and go about their business. 


10. Hey, Autocorrect!

Quit correcting what isn’t supposed to be corrected, you mother forklift!

This pun is one of the best forklift jokes because we all know how ducking frustrating autocorrect can be! And if you know what word was supposed to be here, you know forklift certainly does not have the same impact. 

11. I used to be a forklift operator

…but there were way too many ups and downs for me.

There is a lot to be said for job stability, especially in this economy. However, for the daredevils out there who live life like it’s a rollercoaster, signing up for a forklift truck course could be the next frontier.


12. What do you call something that can’t be forklifted?


For me, this is easily one of the funniest forklift jokes because it is clean and simple. You can tell it anywhere, from down the pub to a family dinner. Unless someone doesn’t know what a palette is. Then you’re in trouble.


13. What country doesn’t have forklifts?

China, they use chopsticks instead.

Yes, that’s right, the fork puns keep coming. In reality, there are about 500,000 forklifts sold in China each year, which, if you’re in the forklift manufacturing trade, is no joke at all.


14. Why did everyone love the forklift truck driver who worked at the distillery?

Because he lifted everyone’s spirits

This is one of the funniest forklift puns because it brings to mind a jolly, Father Christmas-like figure driving around bottles of booze and giving everyone a boost with kind comments and encouragement.


15. How does a Transformer eat his dinner?

He uses a forklift.

The last one of our funniest forklift jokes and puns imagines a world where Optimus Prime and his friends are fuelling up on more than petrol before they take on The Decepticons.

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We hope you enjoyed our punny list of the best forklift jokes to lighten your day and shed an amusing light on the useful machine that is the forklift! Of course, if you are looking to purchase a forklift, rent one, training courses on any forklift types, or repair services across Midlands and the UK, at Angus Lift Trucks we always provide our most competitive prices in  LeicestershireNorthamptonshireBirminghamWarwickshireNottinghamshireDerbyshireEast Midlands, and West Midlands

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