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Forklifts are essential at warehouses, delivery centers, and loading docks. But when things go wrong, they make for some funny forklift scenes when caught on video. 

Now, it’s not always humorous when accidents happen, and we shouldn’t laugh if anyone gets more than their feelings hurt. But funny forklift videos usually end up with the operator looking like a right plonker. That sucks for them, but when things go bonkers and fight the world, and there’s a camera to catch the action, it’s funny for us!

Here’s what happens in a battle of forklifts vs. the world. These are among the ten funniest fails and funny forklift battle scenes. Of course, should you like to train as a forklift driver, at Angus Lift Trucks we offer a variety of lift truck training courses n LeicestershireNottinghamshireNorthamptonshireBirminghamWarwickshireDerbyshireEast Midlands & West Midlands.

Top 10: Funny Forklift Scenes

  1. Forklift vs. Trespasser and His Car
  2. Forklift vs. Fish
  3. Forklift vs. Pole
  4. Forklift Tag-Team Battle
  5. Forklift vs. The Door
  6. Forklift vs.Gravity
  7. Forklift vs Tarmac
  8. Need a Cart? Forklift vs. Shopping Cart
  9. Forklift vs. Problem Car
  10. Forklift vs. Lexus SUV

Funny Forklift Videos: Fails Caught on Tape

Get ready to laugh as our favorite operators get themselves into some sticky wickets, taking on vehicles and the environment around them.

Forklift vs. Trespasser and His Car

Let’s kick off our funny forklift fights with one that looks right serious. Watch as an English farmer, frustrated with a trespasser and his vehicle, takes matters into his own hands. He fires up the old forklift and lifts the vehicle off its rear wheels, while the angry owner watches and helplessly kicks at his machine. 

The angry homeowner then drives the forklift into the side of the car, pushing it out of his driveway and unceremoniously depositing it on the side of the motorway. 


Forklift vs. Fish

Watch as a chinless wonder gets behind the wheel of a forklift and attempts to load huge crates of fresh seafood into the back of a lorry. It’s a straightforward move. All they need to do is scoop up three palettes of fresh fish and load them into the liftgate. Sounds easy enough, right? But this man takes on the fish for a head to head battle. 

When the boom on the lift is left a little too high, the top edge of the top container catches the top of the lorry, tipping the crate over on top of the lift and its operator. The water, fish, and the container all spill over the top, making a fishy mess!


Forklift vs. Pole

In this simple cock-up, we see what happens when a bloke attempts to steer his forklift around a warehouse. It should be a leisurely drive around this huge warehouse. Unlike some similar spaces, there’s plenty of room to manoeuvre. But there’s a single pillar to avoid. Instead of steering around it, the operator drives straight into it. 

The man doesn’t seem pissed, but he’s not quite all there, is he? And then he just drives away! A fine soundtrack accompanies this video, adding to the humor.


Forklift Tag-Team Battle

This video shows what goes wrong when a group of nutters decides to take each other on in the streets. Not in a fist-fight mind you, but while behind the wheel of their massive forklifts. The drivers all seem skilled enough until one of them suddenly makes a beeline for one of his mates. 

A brief bump descends into mayhem when multiple operators pit their machines against one another like gladiators in the coliseum. Eventually, carnage results when at least one machine is left tipped on its side with a sad operator scurrying about. He doesn’t seem too happy but you’ll enjoy a good giggle. 


Forklift vs. The Door

Sometimes a long day at the warehouse leaves you feeling a bit gammy, and all you really want is a bit of fresh air. When you get behind the wheel of your forklift, it might be tempting to go for a spin around the yard and get some wind in your hair outside. Just make sure you open the door first. 


Forklift vs. Gravity

It can be boring to load box after box in the warehouse for hours. You might be tempted to do some stunts with your machine, like this guy. At first, he’s pretty chuffed as he does a couple of pirouettes on the loader. As he picks up speed, you’ll see he starts to lose control and ends up looking quite the wanker when things go wrong. 


Forklift vs. Tarmac

Even when you’re trying to do things right, forklifts can be a little dodgy. When you abuse them, you run the risk of doing severe damage. This operator decides to do a burnout and pits the forklift’s tires against the asphalt. The result is a smoky demonstration of his idiocy and a deep black rubber stripe on the ground. When his boss sees this, he will not be chuffed. 


Need a Cart? Forklift vs. Shopping Cart

A trip to the big box store usually means you need a cart. When you get back to your car, do you always return the cart to their parking area, or do you leave it in the middle of the lot? Full speed too! Watch as a skilled forklift operator uses his machine for a bit of an unscripted adventure to the parking lot for a quick cart pickup. 


Forklift vs. Problem Car

Forklifts are powerful, and sometimes they can even teach a bit of a lesson. When an inconsiderate owner parks their car in an illegal space, a forklift comes to the rescue. Watch as the operator skillfully and casually picks up the car and moves it across the carriageway. 

He even deposits it across the way between two other cars, better than most could parallel park. And he does it all without leaving so much as a scratch on the boot. The video is funny enough, but I wish the camera was there to catch the look on the car owner’s face when they realize what’s happened. 


Forklifts vs. a Crook’s Car

When crooks strike, all you need is a few good friends and forklifts! In this hilarious video, you see what happens when a carful of thieves try to make a getaway and are confronted by a dedicated team of watchful employees. They jump into action and grab their forklifts to stop the crooks. 


Forklift vs. Lexus SUV

If you haven’t gotten enough forklift fights, how about one more for the road. Watch as this nutter goes berserk and destroys a Lexus. First, he takes out the rear windshield, and then he lifts the car from the rear. But that’s not enough. 

He then takes out both side windows and uses the lifting forks to take the Lexus to new heights. He even stabs his way through the doors and tries to crush the car with the forks. His mates must know he’s lost his marbles, as they all stand around encouraging him and videotaping. I guess this way they had something funny to watch over pints at the pub! 

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Funny Forklift Fight Videos: Bottom Line

Using a forklift is serious work. You can have a little fun or even engage in a battle, but when you’re behind the wheel, you’ve got to be careful. Otherwise, you may end up on someone’s screen as they laugh at your expense!

As always, should you require any forklift sales, hire, training, or service within the UK do get in touch with the team at Angus!


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