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Industrial sweepers and scrubbers can sound like products you will never use in your lifetime. But the industrial tools can have more purpose than you might initially realize.

Industrial sweepers and scrubbers are critical in keeping large businesses in top shape. The tools provide a lot of benefits that businesses can take advantage of. While the average population might not require industrial tools, there are several ways that large businesses can benefit from them.

In this article, our team at Angus Lift Trucks will review and discuss the top seven applications of industrial sweepers and scrubbers. This information can help you understand where the tools can apply to your business.

Industrial Floor Cleaners

When it comes to sweepers and scrubbers, there are two kinds of tools that you can choose from. The style that you need will depend on the space you are working around.


A ride-on industrial cleaner is a solid option for large floors and corridors. If you need to cover a lot of space quickly, a ride-on is your best bet.

The ride-on floor cleaners allow for the user to sit on top of the machine and direct it around the building.


Walk-behind industrial cleaners are a lot smaller than their ride-on counterparts. As a result, the cleaners are great for small areas. Tight corridors and office spaces that need regular cleaning can benefit from a walk-behind sweeper or scrubber.

Top 7 Applications

There are at least seven good ways that you can apply an industrial cleaner. While not all of them will apply to you, they can help spark ideas on how you can utilize the industrial cleaners.

1.Educational Buildings

Children are messy, there is no doubt about that. During the school day, the floors are bound to grow dirty. Dirt and bacteria can build up quickly without frequent cleaning.

Industrial sweepers and scrubbers are great for maintaining a clean atmosphere within a school. Ride-on sweepers and scrubbers are likely to be the best option, as schools can be quite large.

However, some offices or classrooms can work with a walk-behind cleaner. Schools can utilize both industrial cleaners to keep the campus in good shape. Industrial sweepers and scrubbers are also good for gyms, stages, and large auditoriums.

2.Produce Factories

Produce and produce packaging factories are essential for the distribution of fruits and veggies. As a result, these factories need to remain clean at all times to avoid contaminating any of the produce.

Most plants are large, and will likely require a ride-on sweeper and scrubber. Both a sweeper and a scrubber will be necessary for a produce plant. As fruits and veggies drop to the ground, they can leave behind a sticky mess.

Produce factories may also require the use of both ride-on and walk-behind cleaners. The use of walk-behind sweepers and scrubbers depends on if there are any small or narrow spaces in the factory.


Hospitals are another place where one can apply industrial sweepers and scrubbers. As a building that has a goal of keeping people healthy and safe, being clean is a must.

There is a lot of work that goes into maintaining the clean atmosphere of a hospital. One imperative aspect of a clean hospital is its floor. A clean hospital floor is vital in ensuring the safety of both the staff and patients.

Industrial sweepers and scrubbers are a good way to clean the floors consistently. Ride-on tools can help speed up the process, as hospitals tend to have large hallways.

4.Retail Stores

Maintaining a clean store is a massive part of customer service. Customers are attracted to a clean and pleasant environment.

Not every retail store needs an industrial sweeper and scrubber. Some shops are small enough to use regular brooms and mops. However, large department stores can greatly benefit from industrial cleaners.

Depending on the store, both ride-on and walk-behind cleaners can be beneficial. Department stores may require the use of a ride-on sweeper and scrubber. The average retail store may do just fine with a walk-behind sweeper and scrubber.


5.Car Dealerships

A car dealership may not be your first thought when implementing an industrial cleaner or buying and hiring forklifts in general. However, car dealerships are often large and clean buildings. As a result, the buildings require consistent upkeep to maintain their clean appearance.

A dealership’s main goal is to sell a vehicle to a customer. To sell an air of professionalism, the dealership itself should be clean and professional-looking. Industrial sweepers and scrubbers can help keep the floors of a dealership clean and sanitary.

The appropriate type of cleaner for a dealership depends on the size of the building. A walk-behind cleaner can work well with many dealerships.


A warehouse is a storage building. These buildings store goods until a person or a company moves them.

While these goods are in proper packaging, it is essential to keep the environment of a warehouse clean. A warehouse can house a lot of bacteria and dust that can affect the goods in storage.

Industrial sweepers and cleaners are a solid way to help maintain a warehouse. Ride-on cleaners are typically the best option for a warehouse. In general, warehouses tend to be large. As a result, trying to clean with a walk-behind cleaner may take up too much time.

7.Sport Arenas

Sports arenas are another great example of how one can utilize an industrial sweeper and scrubber. These arenas are incredibly large and will require the use of multiple people to clean. Even with a ride-on sweeper and scrubber, there may have to be several people working the job.

Sports arenas are notorious for getting dirty. Fans tend to leave their trash behind. Sometimes the littering is an accident, sometimes it’s not. Regardless, a lot of cleaning is necessary to bring a sporting arena back to its original condition.

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Overall, there are multiple ways that you can apply an industrial sweeper and scrubber. Large buildings and businesses can speed up their cleaning process by investing in an industrial cleaning tool. Also, read our Scissor Lifts vs. Cherry Pickers Benefits & Applications article.


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