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Is driving a forklift hard? Yes! Driving a forklift is considerably harder than driving a car–it is much easier to tip over, and the forklift often has a load on the front. However, some workers manage to not only master forklift driving but perform some mind-bending tricks on the forklift. We’ve collected ten of the most impressive to show you. 

13 Amazing Forklift Tricks

Here are some of the most impressive forklift tricks ever captured on film. While it’s perfectly acceptable to watch these in amazement, don’t try these at home! Many of them break safety rules and regulations–only professionals should attempt them in a controlled environment. 

1. Forklift Coin Trick

One of the most classic forklift tricks is to pick up a coin with the tine, which may seem impossible, as forklift tines are kept an inch or two above the ground while driving. However, this trick is done by many forklift operators who have been training for a while. 

While it seems simple, the forklift coin flip is difficult because the tines are not supposed to touch the ground. When they do, it can damage the forklift if the driver doesn’t know what they’re doing. This trick is a classic example of driver expertise. 

2. Coin Onto Water Bottle

In this video, the forklift operator takes the coin flip one step further. After flipping the coin onto the tine, he carefully places it on top of a water bottle. It’s an impressive show of control. 

This trick is difficult for the same reasons as the coin flip. However, it adds a layer of dexterity and control that highlights the operator’s proficiency. Forklifts are challenging to operate when in regular use, lifting regularly sized items. It is even harder to lift smaller items and place them on others with precision. 

3. Forklift Obstacle Course

In this professional forklift obstacle course, operators have to navigate an obstacle course of caution cones with tennis balls on top. Their forklifts were loaded with a bucket of water and points deducted for any spills, knocked over tennis balls, or caution cones. 

This obstacle course is not just impressive–it’s an excellent method of forklift operator training. The program was put on by McCoy’s Building Supply in Texas and included operators from all over the United States. Everything had to be within the safety rules, or the contestants were disqualified. 

4. Cigarette Lighting Trick

For an extremely impressive precision trick, look at this cigarette lighting trick. Of course, we don’t condone smoking or unhealthy behaviours. However, we do appreciate the intense control of the forklift that this driver has to be able to operate a cigarette lighter. 

A trick like this is extremely precise and shouldn’t be attempted by anyone less than an expert. The amount of precision needed to set the lighter upright and light the cigarette is truly impressive. However, it’s technically against forklift safety training to have an uneven load or keep the tines close to the ground. 

5. Forklift Swing

Spinning on a forklift is dangerous because it is easier to tip than a regular car (and you shouldn’t do donuts in a regular vehicle anyway). A forklift operator swings another worker around in a fun but potentially deadly game. 

While this is a highly entertaining video, it is risky and shouldn’t be attempted. Even the most skilled forklift driver can make a mistake when spinning like this, and both the driver and the rider’s life could be in danger. It’s against all forklift truck safety rules and shouldn’t be attempted. 

6. Forklift Spin

While spinning intentionally on a forklift (like in the swing video) is dangerous and shouldn’t be attempted, there are times when a forklift will spin out of control. This driver does a great job of getting his spinning forklift back under control when it slides into a puddle of water and does a complete turn. 

The only dangerous thing this driver does is come out of the building too quickly. If he was more aware of his surroundings and the state of the ground before leaving the building, it would have prevented the spin in the first place. 

7. Fast Forklift Driving

 While this video may seem impressive, it’s breaking several safety rules and in violation of many regulations. The operator in this video is likely damaging the packages he’s carrying, even if his forklift skills are impressive. 

8. Forklift Basketball Trickshots

When performing tricks with forklifts, why not incorporate everyone’s favourite trickshot–the basketball? This video is full of basketball trick shots and assists by a forklift. It features a worker with good aim and a forklift operator with good timing and is entertaining to watch. 

For the most part, this video is safe. The only issue is the inherent safety issue with driving a forklift so quickly through a warehouse. Assuming that the forklift operator was a licensed professional and the warehouse was empty, this is still an issue with forklift operator regulations. 

9. Forklift Wheelie

In another dangerous yet entertaining video, a forklift is doing a backward wheelie while carrying a small load. There is less skill than an imbalance in this trick. Instead of properly loading the forklift, it is an imbalance in the front of the forklift. Without proper navigation, the vehicle could flip. 

10. Forklift Lifts Another Forklift 

For the tenth trick on this list, a large forklift lifts a little forklift to complete a packing job. This process is necessary because the first forklift couldn’t lift high enough. These movers are professionals and have performed this trick before. However, it’s extremely dangerous to try this without years of experience. 

11. The Russian doll


The skill and precision that this driver displays when he takes three boxes and makes one disappear is pretty masterful. However, he’s not an Illusionist; he’s just paid good attention when on his forklifting course and mastered the vehicle over the course of his career. 

If you play this trick backward, it reminds you of one of these Russian dolls, where each time you open a layer, you find another doll inside.


12. Lifting all the palettes


In this video, a forklift driver shows how you can move over sixty palettes at one time. This trick is definitely not something you should attempt at your workplace, but health and safety worries aside, the skill that he uses to gently glide this monster stack of palettes around the warehouse floor and into a tight bend is amazing. Geometry, creativity, excellent handling; this trick has got it all.


13. Balancing act


For our last trick, we had to include one that you should never try at home unless you plan on buying a new forklift for your boss to replace the one you destroyed. Some forklift tricks just make no sense, and this one is definitely a risky balancing act that breaks all the safety rules. 

From being perilously overloaded to driving too fast to breaking too hard, this forklift truck operator has scant regard for health and safety. But he has a good idea for an impressive trick, and he pulls this one off with aplomb. Why do I get the feeling this guy could make a decent surfer?


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Final Thoughts

Each of these forklift driving skills is incredible in their own right, but what’s more amazing is the amount of time and practice that went into them. The people driving the forklifts are experts at what they do and know how to drive a forklift like a pro. They are experts in forklift operating procedures and can do tricks with their expertise. Of course, should you require training on all types of forklifts, Angus Lift Trucks has over 35 years of experience in providing forklift training courses in the UK and across the Midlands, in and around areas like LeicesterNottinghamNorthamptonBirminghamWarwickDerbyEast & West Midlands. And, if you intend to buy a forkliftrent oneforklift training courses, or repair services in the UK, do get in touch with our team at Angus Lift Trucks


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