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You’ll typically find forklift trucks in warehouses where operators use these machines to lift and transport pallets and other heavy items. However, there are other inventive uses for forklift trucks that you might not know about.

Forklift Trucks Uses for the Roofing Industry

A personnel cage is an attachment that can make a forklift truck more versatile. It allows the operator to lift another worker to a certain height while providing a safe environment for this person to work several feet off the ground.

Using a forklift truck can be safer than climbing a ladder since it creates a stable platform. For instance, forklift trucks can be a convenient way of lifting a worker to clean a gutter. They are also an excellent option in situations where there is significant roof damage, and it’s not safe for workers to step onto the roof.

A forklift truck with a personnel cage can also be a convenient option for washing windows or power washing the exterior of a tall building.

Forklift Trucks in the Entertainment Industry

You’ll often see forklift trucks used on movie and TV show sets to move heavy décor elements. Movie directors also imagine creative uses for forklift trucks when creating special effects.

For instance, the horror movie Bird Box features a scene where a character hits another car with their vehicle. The crash results in the car flipping over and rotating on itself in the air for a spectacular result. You can watch this scene on DailyMotion.  

The shot where the vehicle is upside down used a forklift to support the car in midair. The forklift had a blue wrapping so the special effect team could edit it out of the movie.

Other movies, such as Interstellar, have used forklift trucks. During filming, the crew mounted projectors on forklifts to show large images of wormholes and breathtaking views of space. While these images didn’t make it into the movie, they helped the actors imagine that they were genuinely in space during filming.

Sports and Competition

Logistics experts come together to compete and show off their forklift driving skills in different forklift competitions around the globe. These events turn driving a forklift into an exciting sport.

The LindeMH Stapler Cup is a popular event in Germany where some of the best operators compete in a series of tasks that test their speed and precision. Similar events occur in the US, such as the Washington State Forklift Rodeo or the Columbia Forklift Challenge.

Operators may perform impressive tricks during their downtime and sometimes post the results on YouTube. You can see operators performing some unique forklift tricks and some unusual basketball trick shots.

Forklift Trucks in the Auto Industry

Car lots, repair shops, and impound lots need to move vehicles around regularly. It can be challenging and time-consuming to move cars that don’t run properly. Vehicles with an impound boot on are hard to move. It can be difficult to park the cars in a neat row when there isn’t much room to do so.

A forklift operator can easily lift a vehicle by its front wheels and move it to the desired location with a wrecker attachment.

It’s a great way to save time when you need to move several vehicles or want to park some cars with precision. This attachment is a must-have tool for moving vehicles that don’t run.

Using a Forklift to Stop Crime

Something amazing happened in the Czech Republic in December 2017. Some criminals committed a robbery and were getting away in a car when three forklift drivers decided to take the matter into their own hands.

The three operators positioned their forklift trucks to block the passage of the getaway car and successfully foiled the robbery. It’s not something you see every day, and the precision of the drivers is admirable since they were able to block the car’s passage safely. You can watch this incredible event on YouTube.

Final Thoughts

These five inventive uses of forklift trucks illustrate how versatile these machines can be. They’re also a testament to the level of skill and precision that forklift operators have to develop to drive these machines safely. Of course, if you are looking to purchase a forklift, rent one, training courses on any forklift types, or repair services across Midlands and the UK, at Angus Lift Trucks we always provide our most competitive prices in  LeicestershireNorthamptonshireBirminghamWarwickshireNottinghamshireDerbyshireEast Midlands, and West Midlands


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